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dye industry look forward to the national New Deal due to the Product demand decline

2012.02.22   16:55

The global financial crisis imperiled foreign trade of domestic textile,resulting in the collapse of some domestic textile enterprise, and the situation made the domestic dyestuff industry into the unprecedented winter.According to the recent reports,the enterprise demanded the relevant department of the state offering the policy support,helping the dyestuff industry to ride out a storm.

Due to the impact of the global financial crisis,International dye market withered sharply,resulting in Chinese dyestuff export decreased drastically.Meanwhile,domestic market also had new changes.A number of textile enterprises went bankrupt,and the demand of the domestic dye declined sharply.In the second half of last year,most dye production enterprises' sales revenue and operating rates were decreased to varying degrees over the first half year.

At present,through the energy saving and emission reduction, Chinese dye industry adjusted and died out the "two high one funded" productions.Domestic disperse dyes,and several other dye products had achieved clean production,and enterprise emissions had reaches State Environment-protection Standard,as long as the country offered the support.I believe that the dye industry will be out of the woods soon.

By Zhulongyao

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