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2012.02.16   15:52

Our country's clean production process of thetitanium dioxide have achieved a major breakthrough.Yesterday,from Shandong Dongjia Group Co.,Ltd the reporter realized that the new developed sub-molten salt titanium dioxide technology which has been studied for 3 years by the company and Institute of Process Engineering,Chinese Academy of Sciences and achieved industrialization has passed the evaluation by the Chinese Academy of Sciences organiation.The new process will put the sub-molten salt platform technology into real titanium dioxide production,help the titanium dioxide conversion rate from 85% (made of the sulfuric acid process) to nearly 100%,successfully achieved the recycling of alkaline acid medium at the same time.The new technology will no doubt greatly promote the green upgrade of the titanium dioxide industry in China.

The Identification expert group which consists of Zhang Guocheng academician and Qiu Dingfan academician and other academicians believes that the titanium dioxide in sub-molten salt technology have high resource utilization rate and few waste to discharge,strong raw materials applicability.Compared with the sulfuric acid process,it has more economic and environmental advantages,the application prospects either.

According to the introduction,sulfuric acid method has basicly used in Chinese titanium dioxide production.However,to produce 1 ton titanium dioxide means 5 to 6 tons dilute sulphuric acid whose concentration is about 20%,and the washing process will also creat a large number of acid-containing wastewater,as well as 7 to 8 tons of red gypsum,so the sulfuric acid method have the disadvantage of large waste water and rejects emission.This task aims at the prevalent phenomenon of  low utilization rate of China 's titanium resources and large emissions of the titanium dioxide production pollutants,proposed the efficient decomposition of titanium resources in sub-molten salt method–preparing high concentrations of the titanium liquid and deep purification–using the alkali/acid media recycling technical to apply the sub-molten salt platform technology in the titanium dioxide production,so that the titanium conversion rate would increase to nearly 100%,at the same time using the alkaline acid medium roundly to solve the difficult problem of the dioxide waste acid use,reduce the pollutants from the source,several amphoteric metals in titanium slag also can be recovered through the lye recycling process.The process has already gained six national invention patents.

By Nicole

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