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Titanium dioxide raw material prices push up 10% rise of coating

2011.04.18   15:27

Recently, the reporter interviewed hebei part of building materials market and coating market, coating price discovery after mark-up bullish, all the way to more than 10%. Early in the first half of last year, coating raw material prices have been rising symptom is, since this year, along with the rising prices of raw materials, coating market price "rise in price valve" finally opened.

Langfang melt decoration engineering Co., LTD, the chairman LiGuoDing April 10 told reporters: "titanium white, solvents, synthetic resins main raw material prices are obviously rises, each big brand coating with inflation, prices have a barrel after prices rise as the paint 20 ~ 30 yuan. Sales of each old brand coating, the price does not go up words can lose money management."

Coating materials, extremely easy for petrochemical products mostly by the influence of international oil prices. International oil prices are rising dramatically, leading to olefins, aromatic and other basic raw material prices upward. In addition, epoxy resin, titanium dioxide, solvents, copper and other raw materials have also been inflation effects, prices are quite obvious, and still no sign of amid easing.

In fact, just 2010, used in the production of water-borne coatings raw materials prices rose 30% ~ 40%. Although the world each big paint manufacturers try to reduce costs, but as international oil price soaring, enterprise operation cost high. Raw material prices for digestion bring adverse factors, the world's leading professional paint manufacturers and suppliers jotun coating since March 1 improve its in Europe, the Middle East and Asia product prices; The world's largest paint manufacturers akzo Nobel, recently announced that its all sold in China coating product 10% ~ 20%.

Coating production enterprise also faces artificially cost and operation cost upward pressure. According to the statistics, the main raw materials coating of average prices by 10% ~ 60%. Accordingly, the coating to the product price enterprise can adjust, in order to offset the impact of its bring.

In addition to raw material prices, oil rose weeklong let freight also many. Before the goods, now 10,000 yuan will pay nearly 2000 yuan transportation costs. LiGuo DingShui: "now paint price almost carried a 10%, a bucket of 5 litre outfit paint prices on the 30 ~ 40 yuan.

Now buy or more appropriate, because these goods are basically inventory, if new products on the market of words, the mark-up may be higher. "

Industrial goods XuShouQi research senior engineer told reporters: now the main or coating, prices rise in above 10%. If the enterprise production cost increases, and downstream market demand has not kept up with words, paint enterprise profit space will diminishing.

In polls, much home decorate a company to have said that at present market situation is not optimistic decorate, on one hand, because of the national real estate control policy, watching a house majority; On the other hand because the raw materials, unless some rose after the people decorate rigid demand, decreases relatively. Compared with that of last year, the proportion of they receive the decoration engineering dropped 15% or so.

Upstream, downstream marketing purchasing cost increase market demand, so severe depression, the inflation situation paint enterprise cast a shadow over backward technology, especially the production enterprise, meagre profit plus market handicap to enterprise has brought an unprecedented pressure of competition.

"Although some enterprise has certain inventory, can maintain certain market operation time, but also can maintain a month, short-term inside the terminal market demand narrowed, cannot support enterprise development, the enterprise only walk the road of innovation ability through this." XuShouQi suggested.

Langfang JinCheng energy-saving technology service Co., LTD. ChenJie manager also told reporters: "enterprise only reinforces saving energy, reduce raw material, energy consumption to ease such prices because resources brought cost pressure, can cause the product prices remain in a stable interval. At the same time the government should grant appropriate allowance, encourage enterprises to buy energy-efficient equipment, achieve the purpose of reducing energy consumption enterprises." She also recommends some competitive advantage is not obvious, the small and medium-sized enterprises can consider converting enterprise development thinking, the response country in recent years to promote new industry development planning, from the original price, and strengthened enterprise's retreat out in cultivating the core competitiveness of new industry, research, new technology, industrial segmentation industry in development, further expand enterprise development space.




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