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Dickon pharmaceutical big shareholders no restructuring plan

2011.04.15   16:21

Considering shareholders of the company have the restructuring plan of speculation that dickon pharmaceutical (600466) 15 release clarification announcement, the board of directors of the company to company big shareholders sichuan blu-ray industrial group Co., LTD checked. Blu-ray group back to reply made clear: blu-ray group and its actual control with other third parties not listed company restructuring, asset injection over issues such as discuss. So far and the foreseeable three months without significant to dickon pharmaceutical investment and restructuring plan.

Recent online rumours suggest "blu-ray group restructuring dickon pharmaceutical recently will have new trend", "blu-ray group plans through the equity transfer, the sichuan one gold mine development limited liability company merges into sichuan dickon technology pharmaceutical Co., LTD.", "dickon plan acquisitions guangdong south male rare earth ore has made great progress, and are preparing lithium power pool project" was established, which have had the bigger company's share price fluctuation.


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