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Performance and Development trend of Low temperature solidification powder coating

2011.12.20   16:22

In recent years, low temperature solidification powder coating begins to throw on the market, according to preliminary estimates, 120 C solidification powder coating can save enery 40% or so than  180 ~ 200 C solidification powder coating , so, it’s in the attention of the public. However the bottleneck is also very obvious : one is the contradiction between solidification temperature and solidification time; two is the allocation of raw materials is indeterminate and optimizate, including the optimization of formulation; three is the limitation of application ; four is the painting equipment diversification still difficult.

To sum up, low temperature solidification powder coating belongs to energy saving and environmental protection products,which  is the inevitable development trend of powder coatings, but not the formation of key research and jointly research trend. This situation not only reflects the Chinese paint in technology, education, legislation, standards, research and other aspects of the gap with the United States, but also a reflection of our government in the investment of innovation of science and technology  system the end, but also reflects the powder coatings enterprises in scale, power, status, discourse right weight is not heavy. Therefore, China in the development of energy saving type powder coatings still have a long way to go.

By He Yunli

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