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Vitamin price drops, raw material medicine industry is in the storm of integration

2011.12.12   11:04

In early November of the sixty-seventh session of Nanjing raw material medicine exhibition, The lively scene gone for ever, Lonely scene is as if to implythe winter of raw material medicine enterprise is approaching.

Boya hexun news published data,it show  VA, VE bearish sentiment spreads, price diving. According to the reporter, the greatest problem was vitamin C, export volume and price went down together ,the industry entered the worst moment. The API chief analyst of  Health network Zhou Jian said, the price of  part of the vitamin product has fallen to cost line.

Zhou Jian analysed the main reasons : first, the overseas market demand is depressed, overseas buyers are no longer large pressed, but" use how much buy how much"; secondly, the domestic market is in the same complex,  the pork, egg, etc  agricultural products prices decline, farmers investment demand drop, causing the dosage of  feed  and vitamin  decreasing .

China's vitamin industry will enter a period of integration. In the value chain optimization and the new stage of development of global operation, enterprises will have to face the puzzle of transition, or choose to extend downstream market, for finding the shortcuts of sustainable development; or choose vertical integration, horizontal development. " In any case, merger and reorganization is unavoidable, the development of downstream market will become the new hot spot."

 " Small enterprises are in a difficult market, which are likely to be eliminated. Raw material medicine industry will enter a new round of integration period of industry merger and reorganization ." In Zhou Jian's view, industry integration will be in the storm.

By Qian Weiwei

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