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Antibiotics in winter:antibiotic raw material industry when the spring comes

2011.12.09   11:14

In the fourth quarter, conventional antibiotic raw material industry should have a sales season. However, this year it appears paradoxical phenomenon: antibiotic market is still in the doldrums, the price compared to flat with the sixty-seventh Nanjing API prefromed.

Health network know from the sixty-seventh session of the API , no antibiotic production manufacturers take the initiative to offer. The market price of most Antibiotics products fall cost line, everyone is waiting for the spring of antibiotic .

Antibiotics abuse is given high attention in this year, the state issued a" clinical application of antibiotic management approach (Draft )"," 2011 national clinical usage of antibacterial drugs in special punish activity plan", Each district also correspondingly  introduce policies on hospital indiscriminate use of antibiotics for treatment. Affected by this, the domestic Antibiotics  enterprises have to face  the big test, some enterprises described it as" very big blow".

A few years ago, antibiotic products shown unlimited scenery, which once ignited antibiotic manufacturers large  expansion, new manufacturers have  the enthusiasm to participate in. At that time it already doomed consequences – output  is far more than need, which caused antibiotic manufacturers can only choose stopping production or reduction  of  output.

After all, boat catastrophe tune, the difficult situation will continue for a period of time. At present, there are many small and medium-sized manufacturers  producing antibiotic agents who were forced to stop production  by profit disappeared and  local bidding price  too low and other factors.

By Qian Weiwei

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