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The price of Titanium dioxide at home and abroad is ceaselessly pulled big , foreign trade enterprises reap a bumper harvest

2011.12.05   11:18

Recently, titanium dioxide has become the  fine chemical market sweet pastry once again, some leading enterprises  adjust the titanium dioxide prices, the voice of rising prices sounds again.

International market

As a result of global titanium dioxide supply remains tight, since this year, KRONOS, Tronox and Dupont the three major suppliers has rised price for several times. With the highest accuracy of the chlorination process titanium dioxide rutile type for an example, the mainstream price of the European region has reached 3850 U.S. dollars / tons (about 24500 yuan / ton ) in November, the Asia-Pacific region also reached 3800 U.S. dollars / tons (about 24100 yuan / ton ). Despite the prices is rising, but the KRONOS CEO Steve Watson still publicly explains, because the supply lasts nervous, especially the raw ore cost increased , so titanium dioxide prices will rise 15% to 20% in 2012.

Domestic market

Although Chengdu industry conference held , Sichuan, Shandong and so on, the several large bibcock enterprise  introduced price behavior to titanium dioxide, reached price agreement to rutile type titanium dioxide per ton price increase 500 yuan,which caused of rutile titanium dioxide price from 17000 yuan / ton to 18000 yuan / ton. But at present domestic rutile titanium dioxide mainstream price is  still  in 16500 yuan - 17500 yuan / ton, anatase product quoted price is 13500 yuan - 14500 yuan / ton, and international price  has an overall gap.

          Compared with the titanium dioxide international prices continue to rise, the advantages of domestic products continue to appear. It is foreseeable, domestic titanium dioxide business will  also get benefit  from rising international prices.

By Xiang Xiaoming

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