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Aqueous coating for interior wall will become the gold industry in the paint market segments

2011.11.28   16:43

The people of ceramic tile, marble, walls and other rigid decorative material malpractice understanding is insufficient, especially environmental protection. Ceramic tile production consume a large amount of land resources; marble mining causes ecological environment destruction, there is radiation, color and reflectance pollution; light pollution of glass curtain wall exists. Along with the national environmental protection further, the people environmental protection consciousness is ceaseless aggrandizement, the people of this kind of rigid decorative materials to environmental problems have more and more profound understanding, rigid decorative materials in ecological idea are rejected by the market.

In China, along with the product quality improvement of  aqueous coating for inner wall , the awareness of  energy saving and environmental protection aggrandizement, the support of the government policy,  water-based interior wall paint coatings will be preferred.

Interior wall coating not only can present  unique decorative effect, but also its environmental  performance greatly improved. According to the paint industry experts and many users get  the feedback, the product is non-toxic and tasteless, reached a "zero emission, zero pollution " degree. In the future for a long period of time, water inner wall paint will be the the mainstream in the construction of a decorative material for internal wall ,the age of environmental protection has come

In general, high quality, low pollution, water-based interior wall paint will be the mainstream,  from the market demand to the government policy support, water-based interior wall coatings will become gold industry of the paint market segments

By He Yunli

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