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China's export situation analysis of dyestuff and pigment production in 2011

2011.11.17   14:41

On September 6th - 7 day  it held the dyestuff industry association seventh members of the general assembly  that was informed that the first half of this year, dyestuff and pigment industry economy runs not very ideal, dye pigment production show slow growth trend, a number of large enterprises production  maintain positive growth, but the small and medium-sized enterprise output appear to glide considerably; dye pigments export volume over the same period negative growth, it is rare in recent years. The second half of the year, dyestuff and pigment industry overall situation still nots allow hopeful, difficulties may be more.

From the export categories, in addition to disperse dyes, acid dyes, direct dye and vat dye that maintained positive growth, other types of basic for the negative growth. Among them, the reactive dyes and sulfur dyes in exports are affected  the most, reactive dyes first exports fell by 30.8% , sulfur dyes20.7%. In addition to ,basic dye and reduction indigo export volume also drops.

From China’s dyestuff and pigment 's main export target country, export volume appears negative growth more. As of South Korean exports dropped 3.3%, Pakistan dropped 4%, Thailand dropped 5.1%, Bangladesh fell to 4.9%, Brazil dropped 16.7%.

By He Yunli

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