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China's pharmaceutical market become foreign competition place

2011.11.03   15:38

China's pharmaceutical market become foreign competition placeand also to promote the state-owned, private and foreign pharmaceutical enterprises merger and acquisition tide.

The world famous medical consultancy IMS predicts, by 2015 China will become the world's second largest pharmaceutical market after the United States In view of China's policy of support for pharmaceutical development, talent advantage and city environment, compared with Brazil, Russia, India, transnational enterprises China is the most development potential of emerging markets. Foreign  pharmaceutical  enterprises through a variety of" channels" to expand their businesses in china.

British pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca announced on the 10th $ 200 million to build its global investment in Taizhou, the largest independent production base, product intravenous and oral solid tablet products to promote business development in China.

From the local enterprises, Shanghai medicine since after the reorganization of the regional medical leading distribution acquisitions is the" homely food", in the industry overall gross margin decline.Shanghai Pharmaceutical plans to invest HK $ 6.0 billion which is from funds in pharmaceutical industry mergers and acquisitions, to enhance the core competitiveness.

        “Country the name" because the policy support, capital dominant position in the domestic large scale " enclosure",but it is slightly inferior in the market flexibility. Despite the victory in the efficiency and services of private enterprises, who is trying to open a new situation, but with the " Country the name " competition in the enterprise and foreign pharmaceutical companies, they faced with financial bottlenecks and need to complement each other. In addition, foreign-funded enterprises in China still needs more desire Stock Watch to understand and master the local market, corporate culture, policies and regulations, and consumer habits.

By Qian Weiwei

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