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China's fine chemical industry development opportunities

2011.11.02   09:02

In recent years, the fine chemical industry of our country development is relatively rapid, 2005-2009 years, China's fine chemical industry production and marketing rate steady at more than 95%, the overall industry gross margin of about 19%, in 5 consecutive years, fine chemical industry sales income and total profit year increase rate maintains in 15% above, they were higher than the GDP growth rate. In the" Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, China's economy will from resource consumption model to saving, high pollution to clean. During this period, the fine chemical industry will have a greater development. by 2015 ,China's fine chemical industry production value will amount to 1.6 trillion yuan, more than double the growth in 2008 and will be gradually to the fine chemical industry of the world powerful nation.

Shang Pu consulting chemical industry analyst pointed out, China's fine chemical industry will usher in the great market opportunity in the near future.First, from the petrochemical industry " Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period draft we could know fine chemical industry and petrochemical industry will become the next stage of development of the key point and the hot spot, national policy to encourage and support the development of China's fine chemical industry provides a good space for development. second, with lower consumption growth and product upgrades, the diversity and high-end chemical products made ??more demand, which provides a strong impetus of China's fine chemical industry development. third, along with environmental pressures and the increasing maturity of China's industrial environment, the global fine chemical industry is also shifting to China, China's economy is in transition, which gives fine chemical industry development has brought great opportunities.

During the " 12th Five-Year Plan",China's fine chemical industry need to improve capacity for independent innovation, develop high-performance products, increase the pesticide, general paints, dyes and other traditional areas of traditional structural adjustment and upgrading and enhancing the high-end fine chemicals total, improve the market competitiveness. In the future, with the state to support the development of fine chemical industry and high-tech advances in the fine chemical industry, China's technological level and innovation capability will be further enhanced.

By Sun Yamin

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