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The third quarter of 2011, market trend analysis of titanium dioxide

2011.11.01   15:44

        The third quarter of 2011, titanium dioxide prices beyond everyone's expectations, sulfuric acid rutile and anatase titanium dioxide to reduce the overall price, respectively, from the start of the season of 22,300 yuan / ton and 18,700 yuan / ton down to the end of the quarter 18,800 yuan / ton and 17,400 yuan / ton.

The main reasons of the price down are:

First, fewer high-end products within the industry, market demand is still dependent on imports of high-end, while low-end products domestic overcapacity. According to incomplete statistics, the domestic manufacturer of titanium dioxide near 90. Low production costs and technical requirements for the first quarter, the beginning of the second quarter of the price rising, a large number of small-scale manufacturer of titanium dioxide as the direct cause, but the majority of small producers of titanium dioxide content in the product, 105 volatile matter mass fraction, water-soluble matter mass fraction and mass fraction of sieve residue less than the national technical indicators such as technical standards, in the whiteness level of industry knowledge is hard on everyone, resulting in the fish industry are quite serious, high-end products have to invest in foreign DuPont Ishihara and other strong products.

Second, within the industry cost highs, the downstream demand is weak.

Third, some large producers in southwest continuous reducing price, and stimulated a lot of peers to accelerate down the price, the price war and the market war upgrade step by step.

Looking fourth quarter of titanium dioxide market will continue to decline, rutile titanium dioxide, sulfuric acid will fall below the overall average price of 17,000 yuan / ton mark, and then leveling off.

By Xiang Xiaoming

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