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The United States" quality storm" has threaten the Indian pharmaceutical products

2011.10.31   15:34

India as the largest U.S. pharmaceutical supply countries with low capital, also began to experience the United States" quality storm". In February, FDA a team of investigators raided the India well-known pharmaceutical companies -- blue Brazil laboratory in the American state of New Jersey office, according to people familiar with the inside sources, FDA's investigation into the range unconventionally widely.

10 years ago, the Indian pharmaceutical companies producing generic drugs in the U.S. market can be described as insignificant, but now, U.S. consumers can purchase in the market in India to produce 350 kinds of antidepressants, the treatment of heart disease drugs and anti-biological. Last year, India's pharmaceutical exports to the United States total value of up to $ 800 million.

Another data show that the first half of 2007, China's import and export of Western Medicine continue to maintain a rapid growth rate, which exports $ 7.002 billion, an increase of 23.37%. Which exports to the U.S. to $ 984 million, an increase of 9.89%, accounting for 14.05% of total exports.

analysts expected, the United States market of about 20% generic drugs and non-prescription drugs and 40% active pharmaceutical ingredients are from India and china. In the next 15 years,80% of the U.S. market, the key ingredients will come from the Indian and China.

As the increasing Sino-US trade, the recent U.S. FDA also strengthened the origin of China's import of medicines and food regulatory measures. Meanwhile, last month, the European Union "on Chemicals Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction Act" came into effect, there are indications that the domestic pharmaceutical companies will face increasingly serious global strategic challenges. Therefore, it is a professional who believes that China's pharmaceutical industry toward globalization, the local pharmaceutical companies, the challenge is not only the channels and funds, but also the quality of governance.

By Qian Weiwei

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