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Titanium dioxide in Asia market will maintain strong this year

2012.02.13   11:00

Recently,the insider expressed,by the double impact of the strong price of the raw material and tighten of the market supply, the titanium dioxide in Asia market will maintain strong in 2012.

The ICIS data has showed that in 2011 the price of titanium dioxide in Asia soared to $1200/ton.By the Dec 30th,the year closing price is $4000-42000/ton (CFR Asia),and the annual gain is about 40%.Market participant expressed,because of the rising price of raw material titanium minerals and the tight supply driven,the international titanium dioxide titans continued to increase the price in 2011.And this raised of momentum had no sign to stop recently. A Japanese producer said:"The cost of raw materials rises is out of our expectations,and this has led our profit to have been squeezed."

A German producer said:"Since 2011,the cost of raw materials titanium minerals has appeared to rise perpendicularly.By the end of this year,the price of titanium minerals has risen 3 times. Therefore,we have no chance but rising the titanium dioxide price."

Most suppliers keep an optimistic manner to the 2012 market, and they expect the price of titanium dioxide keeps rising,because in addition to the Chinese market,other global areas new titanium dioxide production capacity is very limited.And this will extend the tight supply in Asia.A Malaysia supplier said:"In addition to the factor of the rising cost of raw material,we expect 2012 the growing demand will support to the price of titanium dioxide."

By Allen

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