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The Spring Festival most property market in winter has spread to the plastics market difficult to pick up

2012.02.10   15:44

Cho Chong Information:during the Dragon Spring Festival,Beijing,Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places have been several sets of the worst property market turnover,and it gives the property market a warming at the beginning of the Dragon Year.

The insiders generally think that from the present data,the property market obviously enters the cycle of down-regulation,and it is impossible for the property market to get warm again in the first half year.It needs to point out that the insiders also generally think the intention of the central strengthening macro control policies has not changed.From restraining the rapidly rising of house price to promoting the house price's reasonable regression,it means that times of property profiteering has been gone.Some property developers and local government need to rediscover the market.The phenomenon of lowered price will be general.There are a lot of relevant industries,and under the environment of cheerless property market,the relevant industries are difficult to pick up,which affect the industry of the plastic PVC.PVC resin powder product is about 60% used to the real estate industry,so it is closely linked to the real estate trends.In 2011,PVC resin market went out of the continuous down prices,and most PVC resin manufacturer long-term loss,low start,and the whole industry struggles to the mire.

After the Spring Festival the Dragon Year opening quotation, the PVC market also has been influenced by the weak housing.PVC resin spot participants' wait-and-see emotion is strong.And down-stream enterprises' orders are not a lot.And the workers slowly return to the work.After Spring Festival,market participants generally still do not hold much hope to the market for 2012.After the festival,the first day opening quotation,the PVC domestic market delivers insipid.The reference price of various regions for ordinary 5-type east China electric stone mainstream is 6600-6650 yuan/ton,south China mainstream is 6650-6700 yuan/ton,north China mainstream is 6300-6450 yuan/ton.

By Allen

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