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The price of titanium dioxide increased strongly, domestic price may upward continue in short

2012.02.08   10:48

      After Spring Festival,Domestic titanium concentrates manufacturers came into operation one after another.Quoted market price is fairly constant.Now,titanium concentrates with 46.5% of Panzhihua without tax the price is between 20000 to 21000 yuan per ton,and the whole delivers atmosphere is not good.

      In the titanium dioxide,because the titanium concentrate price was rising in the early days,and foreign titanium dioxide giant was rising their prices one by one,recently the price of titanium dioxide (rutile R-248) will rise to 20300yuan per ton,by the growth of 6.84%.It is expected that the domestic titanium dioxide price still has a possible to keep rising in a short-term.

      At present, has been given permission by the State Council.It was put into force since Jan.30th,2012.And some projects,such as rutile Tio2 powder ( purity>98.5%),titanium alloy strips,titanium welding tube and so on,have been the built projects in the national development and reform commission business guidance catalogue.

      In the international market,the price of European strategy for small metal titanium sponge stays between 11.7 to 12.75 USD/KG, and ferrotitanium stays between 6 to 7 USD/KG or so.

By Andy

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