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In 2011, the coating market sales hit a record high

2012.02.03   13:35

The Asia-Pacific region becomes 2011 market growth source

     Throughout the year of 2011 global coating market, global industry analysts said, North America accounted for 20% of global paint sales, only the United States can account for 17% of the world, and the Asia- Pacific is considered to be the coating  growth source, accounting for 44% of the global.

     From China, Indonesia and other areas of high growth market, the Asia-Pacific region's largest regional market stands tall. The Asian market is also the fastest, other parts of the world in the whole advance soared to 4.2% annual growth rate. On one hand, building coating is the market leader, representing all coating about 51% sales volume and 44% of sales, on the other hand, some products increased rapidly, especially the functional coating which is expected during the analysis period recorded a 2.8% compound annual growth rate.

     But these industries through focus on value added, technical advantages and environmental friendly function in stagnant market growth will be optimistic.


Global coating to the new coating development

     Coating industry in most parts of the world can be called mature industry, its growth depends on many factors level of economic activity, economic development of  industrial growth in the coating industry is the main driving force for growth. However, it is undeniable that the continuing demand from the developed country also contributes to the overall paint market expansion.

     Experts predict the future development of the coating is likely to focus on the development of new coating system that allows efficient use of new materials, research and development or research and development is the next frontier development direction, such as revolutionary the world's first touch elastic interior paint from diamond coating company development success, will be on the traditional wallpaper industry brings huge impact. Experts say, complete OEM and industrial coatings industry is mainly by design, colour and modelling, manufacturers  increasingly develop and create a niche product to increase customer confidence in the paint products.

By Zhu Bei

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