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The demand of titanium dioxide industry in 2012 will tend stable

2012.02.01   08:55

In 2011, the titanium dioxide industry maintained a rapid development momentum, each production company hypes, present a produce and sale two flourishing prosperity. At the beginning of the uplink channel open market, from march to April ,may ~ June off-season consolidation, all the way unconventional price of titanium dioxide in the third quarter fell in the middle inflection point, to early November market didn't stop for three months of declines, start contrarian callback. Titanium dioxide market has experienced the smooth market after, in 2012 will be what performance?   

 At the beginning of the year, the reporter interviewed titanium dioxide industry related industry organizations and part of the backbone enterprise. National chemical industry productivity promotion centers, director of product technical innovation strategy league secretary general secretariat BiSheng  predicted, in 2012  titanium dioxide industry demand will be more stable, the price will rise and stability, not drastic fluctuations. Enterprise managers also generally thought of titanium dioxide price in 2012 or will continue to rise. And as the international titanium dioxide in short supply, peripheral to raise prices, the domestic product prices will stimulate and support even won, domestic conditional producers can be exported as self brands and shipment’s important channel.        

In recent years, along with the increase of productivity, titanium dioxide industry in our country the consumption of raw material imports ore titanium dependence on are more and more high. Although compared with three or four years ago, titanium ore import channels are diversified, Australia, Vietnam and India became the main source of imports. But Vietnam 2012 take titanium ore export restrictions,  it has bigg effect to our country titanium ore import.  Guangdong yunfu city titanium dioxide co.td, general manager  HeMingChuan told reporters, titanium ore market increased demand, production is difficult to supply, price strong upward trend is the mainstream. Support by raw material costs, 2012 years of titanium dioxide market will continue to uplink.

Due to the global supply of titanium dioxide continued tight, recent international market lifts prices agitation, cronos (KRONOS), special Enoch (Tronox),  dupont etc. leading enterprise continuously lift its price of titanium dioxide. Although price is going up, Croagh North CEO Steve Watson still publicly said, because the supply lasts nervous, especially the rising cost of raw ore, titanium dioxide prices will rise by 15% ~ 20% in 2012. The international market volatility will also affect the domestic market of titanium dioxide, boost domestic manufacturers have raised the price.

Because the international price of titanium dioxide keeps at a large rise, the advantage of China products highlight. Therefore, some customers of the international market will be anxious to  add titanium dioxide resources from china. Insiders expect, titanium dioxide on domestic enterprise that, 2012 years of international market will have more chances. Titanium dioxide enterprise should seize the favorable opportunity to actively explore the international market, by the high quality titanium dioxide as a breakthrough, and promote enterprise's international competitiveness.

By Zhu Bei

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