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New heat

2011.10.19   15:00

    Under the sunlight insolation, outdoor objects will continue to accumulate energy, leading to its surface and the internal temperature rises up quickly, such as air conditioning device in consume large amounts of energy at the same time it is difficult to obtain the best cooling effect. In order to reduce this consumption. from the seventies of last century, abroad puts forward and begin to study a reflection of sunlight in the near infrared based infrared reflection coating, and the traditional cooling methods, and conventional cooling methods, it is not only energy consumption but also effectively reduce exposure to sun under the surface temperature, preventing the heat from the source to the object inside the transmission to achieve energy saving cooling purposes.domestic research in this area has made certain progress, quietly set off a new upsurge of reflective thermal insulating coatings.

    1, research progress

    Overseas as early as the early 1990s began to develop a new type of thermal insulation coating, the current research trends from industrial thermal insulation thermal insulation to the building main direction of change. See from the patent has been published, the United States and Japan study more.

    2, the direction of development

    Functional insulation coating is a kind of can be in without the need for energy consumption, reduce coating inside and outside surface temperature of functional coating material, with good heat insulation, coatings, light weight, durability and other excellent physical and chemical properties and highly reflective insulation, can be widely used in tanks, ships, buildings and vehicles and so on.With the thermal insulation coatings gradually in-depth study will show the following trends:

    First, the environmental protection

    Development of new materials, environmental protection is the primary consideration. traditional solvent-based coatings, which contain large quantities of organic solvents, hazardous to human health. New paint will comply with the development trend. During the construction process with water as diluent, eliminating the construction of the fire risk, reduce the pollution of the environment.

    Second, single-layer coating

    At present, the majority of solar heat-reflective coatings for multilayer coatings, strong hiding power; in the coating process is difficult to guarantee the topcoat layer smooth and uniform thickness, and a multilayer coating film system in the raw materials are wasted. Therefore the development of single-layer coating system of solar heat reflective coatings has certain economic value.

    Third, the use of phase change materials

    Phase change material is a kind of can in a certain temperature range from liquid into solid or from solid into a liquid material. Compared with the traditional thermal insulation materials mainly to increase the air gap, reducing the heat conduction efficiency, phase change material can be adjusted automatically according to ambient temperature, with good results in reducing energy consumption, the actual development prospects.

By Zhu Tingting

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