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Ink knowledge: introduction of several digital printing inks

2011.10.18   16:27

1.powder of digital printing ink

powder of digital printing ink is formed by the pigment particles help to charge agents and charged particles can be formed by melting of the resin mixture of dry powdered ink.

Negatively charged toner image formed by exposure of part of the adsorbed toner transfer to paper after the toner image by heating In the resin melt, fixation on the substrate to form an image.

2.liquid digital printing ink

Liquid digital printing ink commonly used in ink-jet printing, ink type and ink-jet head structure.

Different from traditional ink is. Electronic liquid ink on the media does not depend on the curing ink film drying time. But the high temperatures encountered in (130. C) curing blanket immediately on the blanket.

Electronic liquid ink into water-based ink and oil (solvent) inks. For the hot-jet printing system, it can only use water-based ink.
3.solid-state digital printing inks

solid-state digital printing ink j are mainly used in ink-jet printing, which was solid under normal condition. Printing ink heated, the viscosity decreases after the injection to the substrate surface.

4.electronic ink

Electronic ink is used for printing coating, in particular the base material as a display of a special ink.

5.UV/EB ink

The so-called UV / EB ink is the use of UV curing or the energy of electron beam curing ink. UV ink in the digital printing is characterized by good stability, only in the UV light curing edge can effectively avoid the blockage of print head.

Now, the digital printing ink research is be just unfolding, with the widespread use of digital printing machine, digital printing ink research and development will be more thorough. New digital printing ink will continue.

By Zhu Tingting

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