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China's API exports will significantly increase this year

2011.10.13   16:48

China Chamber of Commerce Director Xu Ming told reporters yesterday, this year the export of pharmaceutical raw materials will be a record high, annual is expected to achieve 25000000000 yuan of export sales, an increase of 30%.

Xu Ming expresses, this Chinese medicine raw materials export is the one large window of Chinese pharmaceutical industry. He is hopeful forecast, this year the export of pharmaceutical raw materials will achieve 25000000000 yuan of the export total sales, a record high.

In the raw material exports will be a new high at the same time, India, Brazil and other countries on China 's export of pharmaceutical raw materials are to start a verification crisis. 

From international practice, raw materials export is not as drug preparations that, through FDA certification standards. As long as the customers  demand, Chinese enterprises can export. But the future of raw materials export certification from not essential  evolve into must have, this aspect, India go in front.

Zhejiang Haixiang Pharmaceutical Department of securities related personage expresses to the reporter, since this year, from normative market to Europe and the United States and India for enterprise customers bulk drug intermediates 4AA, clindamycin and other raw materials production increasingly stringent requirements. Through verification, the customers agree the company 's production system , so this year, export growth is also very obvious.

By Qian Weiwei

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