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The first half of the year exports year

2011.09.29   15:53

In the first half, dye pigment industry economic performance is not  very  satisfactory, dye pigments   negative growth of exports in recent years  is  rare.

Production growth appear differentiation, growth rate is slow, activity and sulfur dyes yield the largest decrease

Exports decline significantly. First half of the year there are different dye pigments export decline rate. Decline in exports due mainly to increased exports and China's inflation has a relationship. In addition to disperse, acid, direct and vat dyes to maintain a positive growth, the other types of negative growth. Dye pigments from China's major export target country of view, Korea's exports dropped by 3.3%, down 4% in Pakistan, Thailand, down 5.1%, down 4.9% in Bangladesh, Brazil, down 16.7%.

In the second half is still not optimistic. Weak demand led to the current dye industry is fiercely competitive, low corporate profits, especially reactive dyes, there will be a large number of business losses. Last year, cotton production is one reason that enterprises have turned to polyester cotton production, thereby reducing demand; the other side of the reactive dye business overcapacity.

By Sun Yamin

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