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In August the domestic chemical market continued to slump

2011.09.28   15:11

        Towards the end of August, the overall chemical market downturn has not changed. According to the business community to monitor the 68 chemicals which are still down more than up . Among them, nitric acid, glyphosate, silica or table among the three, but still led by fluorine chemical, HFC-22 is the first decline in three weeks , with a total decline of nearly 30%.
         In addition, prices held steady for 27 products,  for last week a decrease of 4. There are 23 products down the chain by one. Among them, the two varieties of HFC-22 refrigerant and HFC-134a, respectively, to 7.81% and 7.58% decrease in decline among the top two, the former is more decline that  has occupied the first  in three weeks with a total decrease of 29.7%. In addition, chlorine, urea, acetic acid, respectively, last week's decline is also 3.59%, 3.33% and 2.56%.

By Sun Yamin

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