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The export of plant extracts is expected to further increase in this year

2011.08.25   09:17

In the eleventh session of the world pharmaceutical raw materials of Chinese exhibition ( CPHI ), plant extracts exhibiting enterprises reached more than 180, more than last year's scale.

According to China Customs statistics, in 2011 one quarter of our plant extracts import and export volume of 310000000 U.S. dollars, is an increase of 46.4%. The export volume of 270000000 U.S. dollars, is an increase of 53.4%, accounting for 48.4% of the amount of merchandise exports of Chinese medicine, plant extracts in the gradual increase in the proportion of export of traditional Chinese medicine.

In general, a quarter is off-season of the export of plant extracts. But the plant extracts are showing different characteristics compared with previous years, were both show substantial growth, plant extracts export market appears new characteristic. China Chamber of Commerce for import & export aspect expected, plant extracts exit will innovate again record.

In recent years, the "return to nature"," green consumption" become fashion, at the same time, the international market for medical care also sweep the" wind", natural health products in the western developed countries were respected. As the main raw materials in a modern vegetable drug preparations in, plant extracts, become a hot international market product sales. 

Major surge in market demand

The United States and Japan are our traditional market of export of plant extracts, and the largest market .One quarter of China's plant extracts on the United States and Japan 's exports were $42057000 and $36086000, amplitude were respectively 66.2% and 19.8%.

A quarter of the EU market, become the most eye-catching plant extracts export market. In Germany, Spain, UK –based European countries, import of our country plant extracts amplitude is close to or more than 100%. Can foreknow, our country to the EU export of plant extracts for a long period of time will also present blowout phenomenon.

New bright spot is worth to pay close attention to

Mexico, Brazil, Indonesia, Russia as the representative of the new plant extracts export market are worth to pay close attention to. A quarter,  plant extracts on these countries' exports increase more than 100%, on Brazil's export growth to 352%, these countries have huge population and consumption potential, are likely to become the new growth of plant extracts in the future.

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