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China’s exports of raw materials in the first quarter of 2011

2011.08.31   08:56

The first quarter of this year, the world economy continues to recover, the global pharmaceutical trade warms up, the domestic pharmaceutical market developes fast, in the high-end pharmaceutical products import demand increases considerably, our country medicine trade realizes the stage of rapid growth, pharmaceutical foreign trade import and export volume reached 16224000000 U.S. dollars, an increase of 41.07%, wherein, export 10119000000 dollar, grow 38.13% compared to the same period, imports $6105000000, an increase of 46.23%, import and export growth are better than expected.

At present, China's low-end pharmaceutical products competitive advantage is more obvious, and in the global pharmaceutical industry is transferred to the developing country in the course of further strengthening. The global generics market demand and the expansion of the industry transfer, for the raw materials of Chinese medicine to further expand the international market provides the opportunity and space, a quarter, raw material medicine of our country exports 5363000000 U.S. dollars, increased 31.31% over the same period, achieved since the financial crisis raw material exports the biggest quarter year-on-year growth rate. Market, to the European Union, USA, Japan and other developed markets is firm in have litre, respectively, exports of $1414000000, $683000000, $311000000, rate 26.31% respectively, 12.82% and 3.23%. India, ASEAN, Brazil and other major emerging pharmaceutical market are exported 7.78, 5.03, 158000000 dollar, grow respectively compared to the same period 39.15%, 45.64%, 55.82%.

Emerging pharmaceutical market trading area of raw materials exports more and more apparent, it become the most development potential of the region market. At the same time, statistics, one quarter of the API overall exports growth mainly depends on the export quantity, export volume increased 39.53%, export prices fell 5.89%, further explaining the intense market competition pattern has not changed, the demand a low price export phenomenon highlights. The main varieties, traditional commodity exports growth is lack of power, heparin sodium, vitamin C, vitamin E, penicillin industry salt 10 key product exports rose by 7.23%, while the export prices fell 16.51%, exports fell by 10.48%, basically put in more serious homogenization competition situation. On the other hand, some raw materials such as macrolide antibiotics, hormones, chloramphenicol, tetracycline raw material exports improved significantly, export prices have risen, the average price rise respectively 30.39%, 19.84%, 31.24%, 40.05%, exit forehead grows 100.35% respectively, 23.69%, 60.72%, 37.1%.

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