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Titanium dioxide prices rise again in north American

2011.09.23   15:23

Due to the cost of raw materials rose in a straight line, equipment operation rate is high and the market supply, following the second quarter titanium dioxide price increase of 10%, or 15 cents / lb, North America titanium dioxide manufacturers recently raise prices again.

The United States five titanium dioxide production business in the global company, Dupont Koster, Cronus and Interroll company have been proposed, from August 15th onwards titanium dioxide prices 10 cents / lb. But by the 90 day price protection period, the increase in prices before November 15  is unlikely to impose. The current North American titanium dioxide for $1.55 to $1.69 / lb ( DEL ). The titanium dioxide production and main raw material of titanium concentrate supply shortage, Huntsman is likely to join the price action. Market personage predicts, since October 1st the North American titanium dioxide manufacturers will also initiated another round of price adjustment action, recently the four domestic titanium dioxide manufacturers have put forward prices rise again from 25 to 35 cents / lb

By Xi Xinfeng

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