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API market:: from the security, the stabbing outside to being a foreigner

2011.09.16   16:16


It is reported that Indians have a number of DMF three times our number, which means that its API exports far more than China, a fact worthy of attention. China is the world's factory, rather than the laboratory. In 2009, we exported API to the United States only 24 billion U.S. dollars, while the United States imported 600 billion U.S. dollars, how to develop the U.S. market? Development should follow the "stabbing outside must first be peace within" principle, but "peace within" is not ending, but "stabbing outside" the beginning. "Stabbing outside" is not an end, but "into the outside" to start. The so-called "peace within" healthy internal competition and cooperation in training, development of the market; the so-called "stabbing outside" in the product, sales and marketing aspects of establishing barriers; so-called "into the outside" is to go abroad, to overseas pharmaceutical preparations Using our API, so that our generic drugs and new drugs in overseas sales.

How many people are still playing the "price war"? How many people have started in the "peace within"? How many people have been "stabbing outside"? How many people have been "into the outside"? Playing the "price war" had only some low-end generic drugs and competition such as the forest; "peace within" there are some varieties in the hand, but several competitors; "stabbing outside" of the hand with one or more drugs, or has so foreign counterparts envious of sales and marketing operation; order "into the outside", the first to review by cGMP compliance, either bulk or single-species export API pharmaceutical exports, or the performance at hand has a great variety in the domestic or global drug patent , or is strong in the peer itself. According to reliable estimates, the next few years there will be 800 billion to the global $ 130 billion opportunity for the brand drug's patent expires, this is a rare opportunity to go overseas ---!

Generic drugs in the control of the world's voice, but also gave birth to the increased demand for the API, these are the strengths of Chinese pharmaceutical companies to go overseas? ! The road is still far away, the heart can be first!

 By Zhu Bei

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