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Kikusui of Japanese products enter into the Hubei Chemical's coatings market

2011.05.12   15:42

Home, is indispensable  harbor  in the eyes  With the gradual increase in living standards, environmentally materials in the home are more widely used, as Japan was the first to environmental concerns and the living environment of architectural coatings manufacturers, Kikusui Chemical Industries, Ltd. is committed to creating a healthy home environment  for people .

Kikusui Chemical Industries, Ltd. of Japan was founded in 1959. Through fifty  years of development, now has become Japan's one of  the  largest manufacturer of architectural coatings ,in 2005, Kikusui Chemical in Shanghai Songjiang Economic Development Zone  put into the localization of some of the products. Currently, Kikusui Chemical Industries,co.Ltd. in Japan has a large central Institute of Technology, now consists of  the true stone paint, elastic paint, metallic paint, coating, concrete water protection methods, fire-resistant coatings, floor paint, latex paint and specialty paint , Nine series of  200 kinds of paint products. Meanwhile, Kikusui Chemical own development of "a can of color" production system, you can always respond to low-volume and high volume production of many varieties, to avoid the appearance of color. 

On the environment, all Ju water brand products as early as 15 years ago have achieved the water-based, at the  least  of  emissions paint manufacturers, known in Japan, is the engineering coatings industry in Japan known as "water of the Chrysanthemum. "  All  products  of  Kikusui brand meet standards of GB, and enter the Chinese market, ,with  record books of imported products  or test report.

As an international well-known brand, "speak"  with engineering is abided by the chrysanthemum water  staff. In the early 1990s, chrysanthemum water products have been applied in many Chinese large priority project, and all over the world., including World trade center of Shan Dong, shangri-la hotel Dalian, , the people's bank of China in Beijing, and so on . Many major projects have used Kikusui chemical products, and after  ten years  remains the same.


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