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Textile printing and dyeing wastewater reuse rate 10 times higher than previously

2011.05.04   16:24

Recently, the national key projects of textile printing and dyeing wastewater treatment and reuse of research and development center (base) located in Wuhan Economic Development Zone Jianghan. The total investment is 117 million yuan, put into operation, the textile dyeing wastewater treatment and reuse rate will be from the current 7% to 70%.

The project technology  last year got, "2009 National Technology Invention second  prize ", was identified as "at the international leading level. "

Currently, the domestic textile enterprises usually  use conventional methods andmembrane technology of biomass for wastewater treatment, water recycling rate is only 7%. China Printing & Dyeing Industry Association, Li Jinbao introduced the country's total textile and garment dyeing industry wastewater  discharge of 80%.




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