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Printing and dyeing industry agglomeration upgrade need new technology

2011.04.29   09:02

By the National Development and Reform Commission, Chinese Academy of Engineering and other organizations of the "cycle of economic academicians and experts" activities to the coastal industrial area recently, "pulse" to upgrade the county printing and dyeing industry cluster development..Academician of Chinese academy of engineering Jin Yong in accepting our newspaper reporter, said interview with to achieve dyeing and printing industry gathering area in energy saving and emission reduction goals, quickening enterprise cluster at the same time, must notice to upgrade the advanced equipment and technology application.

Dyeing is an important link in production of textiles, dyeing technology advanced or not directly affects the use value of textiles. Jin Yong points out, "TWELVE  FIVE" during textile industry is the key point of the technological progress, is increasing  dyeing efficient  and  short flow preparation technology, no water or  less water and dyeing technology and functional finishing technology research and promotion, focus on developing less water and no water high-tech, printing and dyeing process for industry can clean production and improve the sustainable development ability to provide the technical support. One new transfer printing technology is to achieve less water and no water and dyeing technology of important ways, this technology in the future  solving three aspects: one is combined with digital ink-jet paper of transfer printed development; Two is to expand natural fiber transfer printed chromatographic, improve the fastness; Three is to explore the transfer printed and no paper printing technology and equipment.

"advanced dyeing and finishing technology in the actual application, the added value brought by  effectively increase,  the adoption of sustainable development ,new technologies, new processes, printing and dyeing enterprises for the current cycle of economic transformation and upgrading is of the strong support . "Jin Yong  said, if an enterprise with its own reasonable application of the actual production, the new technology, new technology could bring more economic benefits for the enterprise.


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