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Discussion and analysis of the existing major problems of the fireproof coatings in our country

2012.08.14   17:36

According to the similar technology experience in foreign developed countries and our customers’ increasing requirements,the gaps and problems still existed through the development and applications of the fireproof coatings.

For example,majority of the enterprises do not have large scales and high automation level of the process flows,several prodcuts have similar formulations but short of inherent characteristic;have not enough research about the dedicated raw materials of the fireproof coating,and lack of the intumescent fireproof coating resin;the fireproof coating productions are not match with the consturction equipments;no matter in the industrial application of the fireproof coating,choosing the variety types,deciding the thickness of the protective coat,taking charge of the construction quality or maintenance and rehabilitation through the using, problems existed.

In the real working,we found that the fire departments’ antiflaming experience to the different kinds of decoration materials still stay at the "experience period"-feel with eyes and hands or using the lighter.We can not deny this method’s convenience and practical,but the biggest disadvantage is inaccurate.Not only they can not distinguish the fire rating after antiflaming process,but also easy to be cheated by the counterfeit and shoddy products on the coating materials.At the same time,some amusement places are not willing to do the retardant treatments.One reason can be regarded as weak fire protection consciousness,further more,the foreproof coating materials have high prices with low effect,that’s also one important reason why they do not want to use it.

By Andy

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