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Domestic and foreign titanium dioxide are hidden weakly

2012.08.20   10:20

The recent development of the international titanium dioxide market is weakness,and the third quarter of the price adjustment are showing deadlock and difficult uplink,weak downstream markets to suppress the pricing of titanium dioxide to the strong international companies.Adequate supply of titanium dioxide market in Europe implicitly weak trend, the current is steady.

Domestic titanium at home:the domestic titanium city overall steady runs,some of the products is slightly downstream worries now,the market's overall turnover in general.Domestic titanium market is lower signs the Panzhihua ore concentrate price of all loose,manufacturers worry;stable high prices of titanium dioxide first market,but then ascribed to fatigue.Saddle Ridge believes that though the market may get a glimpse of the weak like,short-term titanium City continued steady-based,some varieties of the market is relatively stable firm.

Other varieties of the titanium market:titanium dioxide continuation of the market conditions of high and low end differentiate the first-line titanium dioxide business offer is still high,rutile products are mostly about price 19500-20500 yuan/ton;in-business is insisting on a pre-offer the majority of the rutile more than  19000-20000 yuan/ton;small manufacturers' prices dropping lower and lower,also facing the risk of cut-off,anatase offer as low as 15,800 yuan/ton.Market analysis,July titanium dioxide market can no longer rush the high price,the difficulties of Bottom-end of the markets may spread to the level of high-end market.The price level of upscale market may cut in mid-July later.

By Sabrina

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