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Chemical production in Brazil rose 5.85 percent in May

2012.08.22   10:05

According to the data of the Brazilian Chemical Industry Association,in May this year,Brazil's output of chemicals rose by 5.85% but the chain dropped 1.24 percent.Domestic sales of chemicals inland rose by 9.65%,but fell 0.14 percent.

Compared to April,chemicals price index rose 4.93%.From January to May,the price index up last year rose by 6.06 percent. Brazilian Chemical Industry Association said,the decline of 4,5 per month mainly because of the main consumer areas,such as automotive,construction of the decline in demand.

National consumption before May of this year compared to the same period of last year rose by 0.54%.The head of the Brazilian Chemical Industry Association criticized the Brazilian government to promote national economic measures in a statement.He pointed out that these measures are yet not to play its expected role.At present countries urgently need to make structural changes to reduce costs and improve competitiveness of their products with foreign imports.He pointed out that the current expensive electricity and gas costs are major disadvantages.

By Sabrina

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