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Beijing issued the main emphasized precaution contaminations varieties through heavy rains

2012.08.29   10:07

On July 25th,Beijing Health Bureau released a report with Center for Disease Control and pointed out the food contaminations varieties which should focus on and the health hazard that people should keep watch,reminding citizens for paying more attention about the heavy rain.

Theses contaminations include the biological contaminants and chemical pollutants.The former is pathogenic microorganism of diseases such as cholera,typhoid fever,dysentery,hepatitis,etc,and the latter including metal,metalloid ,its compounds,and pesticide. The food poisoning we need to pay attention to: bacterial food poisoning,the mycotoxin food poisoning caused by the mildew food,aflatoxin poisoning,red mold toxin poisoning,mildew corn poisoning and chemical food poisoning.

The report suggested,after a disaster the residents should not drink unboiled water;don't eat unclean fruit or vegetables;don't eat poultry and farm animals which are poisoning,ill,drowning and dead with unknown cause,don't eat fish with unknown cause, don't eat moldy rice, noodles;Don't buy,produce,sale unhealthy food;don’t hold up a large dinner party.

By Alice

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