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Domestic AIDS vaccine start the test in second phase with new technology

2012.09.07   08:53

AIDS vaccine exploration have been going on for 20 years,so far,there have been only four AIDS vaccine into the third phase of clinical trials in the world,but three failed,one in Thailand RV144 obtained the 31% overall protection,Recently,the AIDS vaccine developed by our independent scientists start the second phase of clinical trials.Please attention--Is there any new progress about AIDS vaccine research?

Under the support of national major projects,The AIDS vaccine developed independently by our scientists get the expected effect in the first phase of clinical trials,and the trials start officially on August 14,marking the HIV vaccine research has made great progress in china.The chief scientist Shao Yiming who adopted the unique method of constructing AIDS vaccine think:"AIDS vaccine is the most hard bones,now all countries in the world are developing AIDS vaccine against time,under the guidance of science,our new technical route is surely worth a try.AIDS can't be expected to finish in the short term and rely on a few team or even a few countries,only combined together" And he told reporter that,the development of the vaccine is researched by both the national centers of disease control & prevention and the Sinopharm Zhongsheng Beijing biological institute,the innovation ability is relatively weak for China's biological products enterprise,so it need get through the way of university-industry cooperation together to make a difference.He said,there's no national boundaries in AIDS vaccine research,it should be in a higher level for innovative cooperation,and maybe it will cooperate with the international companies in the future.

By Alice

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