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Nearly 60% diabetes patients lack of disease education in China

2012.09.05   12:43

The Chinese medical diabetes association education management seminar & 2012 international diabetes education management forum recently held in Chongqing.The data disclosed in the meeting show that,The 60.7% of patients with diabetes don't get timely and effective education and treatment.

The chairman Ji Linong professor of the Chinese medical association diabetes point out in the meeting,diabetes education is definitely not easy to solve the problem of blood sugar level,but to transfer a healthy life idea.The continuing science education can improve the people of the understanding of diabetes,helping the patient manage blood sugar,and delay the occurrence of development complications.

In order to promote "2010 edition Chinese type 2 diabetes prevention guide",to improve health education and disease management level for the patients,the Chinese medical diabetes association  compiled in organization "2010 edition Chinese type 2 diabetes prevention guide (science edition)" and "diabetes exercise therapy guide" two draft,and publish in the meeting.

By Alice

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