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The different between prohibiting dyestuff and green dye

2012.09.03   12:58

1.prohibiting dyestuff

In recent years,the deterioration of the quality of the environment and ecological balance is concerned,a part of the national government agency that the aromatic amine is a suspected carcinogen,benzidine obtain methyl were confirmed to humanity's most potent carcinogens.According to the 2000 edition of the Eco-Tex Standard releases of toxic substances in textiles standard, prohibited dyes include allergic dye,direct dye and acute toxicity of the dyes,also include lead,antimony,chromium,cobalt,nickel,copper, mercury and other heavy metal exceeds the limit,limit of formaldehyde content exceeded,organic pesticide exceeds limit indicator dyes,as well as environmental hormones,environmental pollution of chemical substances,variability chemicals,persistent organic pollutants and so on.

2.green dye

According to the requirements of ecological textiles and disable the 118 dyes,environment-friendly dyes should include the following ten aspects.

1)         Does not contain the German government and the EC and Eco-Tex Standard 100 required under specific conditions will release 22 carcinogenic aromatic amine azo dyes.

2)Not allergic dye.

3)     Not carcinogenic dyes.

4)     No acute toxicity of the dyes.

5)     Extractable heavy metal content in the limit values of the following.

6)     Free of environmental hormone.

7)    Excluding will produce environmental pollution of chemical substances.

8)     Excluding variability compounds and persistent organic pollutants.

9)      Formaldehyde content in the prescribed limits below.

10)  Excluding restricted pesticides variety and quantity within the prescribed limits below.

By Xu Xiyi

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