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Demand of the global dye and the organic dye keep rising

2012.07.30   08:45

According to the real profits (currency adjustment) of the manufacturing,we can estimate that the global dyes and organic pigments demand will rise at an annual rate of 3.9%,and might reach 16.2 billion dollars in 2013 years.Volume demand will rise at an annual rate of 3.5% to 2.3 million tons.Textile industry will still be the largest dyes and organic pigments consumer,but ink,paint coating,plastic and other market’s demand is rapidly growing either.In the developing regions such as Asia,Africa,the Middle East and eastern Europe are expected to have big roos for larger profits.North America,Western Europe and Japan will be limited its continued development because of higher maturity market.pointed out from Freedonia Group Inc,an American industrial market research company study the trend o the global dye and the organic dye’s developmet.

Through the past 10 years we can see the trend that the market share is expected to reach the half of the global total demand from 37% in 1998 to 2013.the asia-pacific region are experiencing the most strong growth period of the dyes and organic pigment market.China apparently is the world's largest and fastest growing single consumer market.The speed of growth in the Indian market is also very quickly,but the demand level is still lower than china.The Chinese market will occpuy 2/5 of the global dyes and organic pigments demands in 2013.

Although the dye will continue to represent the lion's share of the overall market no matter in capacity and value,however  the growth of the dye demand will still behind the organic pigments.In different types of dye products,dispersant dyes are expected to be the fastest demand growth because of the rapid growth of polyester fiber’s application in the industrial.Application of organic pigments in ink and coating will be significantly increased because of the performance of lasting brignt-color and lustre.Along with the terminal customers improving requirements of the pigment performance,the application prospect of high performance products is expected to the best,such as quinoxalin acridone alkaloids. As professional pigment hierarchies will provide better adaptability to the environment and performance,the traditional-level pigment will still occupy the organic market mainstream.

By Le Qi

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