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The International Medicine Magnate Roche was Exposed of Scandal The Related A

2012.07.25   09:15

Biological pharmaceutical companies usually have a high respected

return because of its unique concept,but high risks also accompany with them.The investment of the biological medicine should return to create a real performance.

The international media reported that the Swiss pharmaceutical magnate Roche was surveyed urgently by European regulators because of concealing 15000 cases of deaths and 65000 cases of adverse reactions,it involving eight types of medicine including herceptin,tarceva and mabthera which can be found in domestic.

Yesterday A shares medicine plate opened low and went low,the plate index went down sharply to 81.34 points,plunged about 2.38%, which sited at the top of all the fallen plates.Among them, the shares of Guanhao biological,Tongbao biology etc declined by their daily limit 

Analyst pointed out,Roche scandal was just the ammunition of the pharmaceutical industry’s crash yesterday,and excessive increasing in former period also made the plate has the adjustment pressure.

           It was reported,there were at least eight types drugs involved, but there was no evidence to prove the death or side effects has a direct relation with roche drug yet.If the supervision department find any security risksr after data investigation,they will decide to recall these drugs or modify the drugs intructions by the doctors.

Roche company was found to conceal adverse reactions in Britain, but adverse drug reaction data in the domestic are not clearly confirmed. When accepted a reporter’s interview China Roche service staff said:" There’s some difference between China's listed drug indications and the listed products in Europe and America market,so to the Chinese market, it didn't have any effect,and there’s not related measure coming out." National regulators also shows,the related information is being collected.

Although Roche Drug’s safety problem has not been settled,this incident has some influences on the related company of the A share. Data shows,yesterday the pharmaceutical sector fell more and rose less, part of the strong relative anticancer shares appeared lackluster.

By Alice

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