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Titanium Dioxide Market Starve For the Support of Market "Demand"

2012.07.23   13:27

Since the bidding up of Lomon titanium dioxide in June aroused the market's woes,some manufacturers began to realize some situations that the titanium dioxide incresed shapely.The reason is that the backward pruchasing worried about other factories in the industry followed to increase the price,so they purchased the titanium dioxide a lot to stock up in advance,which was not considered as the real need.Insiders has different attitudes toward going against the market and forcing up the commodity price:some manufactures think that the titanium dioxide market would be hot again,the agitation of the inflation of prices would be witnessed by the market soon.The price did not turn up to big changes was for the grace period,and it is the general phenomenon.

Some vendors do not in favor of this kind of situation,although the backward purchasing condition has been better in the June,some first tier companies has sold out the prior period’s inventory,and already entertained with ease.But the reflection caused by the improvement of sales contrarian made the manufactures worried about the development of the after-noon servicing more.If the low reaches stocked up and was not able to consume, the after-noon would not able to stand obviously.

Nowadays the rate of utilization in the market is not high,and low backward demand is the big problem of the developmet.The backward company stocking in blind in case of the price rising,which made the titanium dioxide market quotations slightly up in June,but since July the condition of the backward company’s demand has not amerliorated really.This kind of "going against the market and forcing up the commodity price" only can be regarded as "overdraft",the titanium dioxide market was badly in need of "rigid demand" support.

By Xiang Xiaoming

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