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Ningbo “Powder Coatings Alliance standard

2012.07.20   10:47

In order to enhance the quality of the massive industry of Ningbo Powder Coatings and promote corporate restructuring and upgrading,the coating industry associations of NingboCity started the preparation and reporting of the first half of 2010 with the guidance of the Technical Committee of the City,furthermore,it was treated as the key projects from October,2010.After more than one year researching, diagnosing, detection, standard adoption, translation,compiling,expert validation,publicizing,tracking work,it completed the work of “Union standards into the enterprise standard" in August 2011,also deepen the work on developing energy-saving environmentally friendly powder coatings,it has achieved initial success.On June 15,2012,the leaders and experts from provincial and municipal quality inspection departments went to Ningbo for the project acceptance of “Powder Coatings Alliance Standard”.Based on Listening,checking,the inspection team approved the project,but also raised some questions and requirements.

Mr. Cao who is the consultant of the coating industry associations of NingboCity,expressed his gratitude to the team on behalf of Association,and the association will issue the requirements in the corrective action plan.At the same time,he explained the different understanding of certain provisions.

By Betty

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