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To Dye Enterprises, the Opportunity is In Transition

2012.06.04   09:23

Last year, faced with the fatigued and weak market demand, dye industry was in the ' three-dimensional integrated warfare' -- product quality battle, price war, marketing services war spread out in full swing, The enterprises who has few comprehensive competitive advantages are facing the danger of being eliminated. One of domestic dye manufacturers vividly depicts the dye industry current situation.   

After becoming the chairman of the world yield, China dye industry have to face the new competition pattern, a lot of dye enterprises begin to enter the comprehensive integration, adjustment and transformation period. 

 1.Success is mainly based on the products, high-end characteristics is the direction 

The enterprise wants to stand out in the new round of industry reshuffle, the most essential thing is the product. To enhance the quality of products is the key." Zhejiang Transfar Company Limited’s vice general manager Luo Jutao pointed out the matter of the competition     

Luo Jutao introduces, textile dye industry have new requirements to the die products. Downstream dye customers not only concentrate on the performance of color fastness, tinctorial yield, enhancing rate of bright, property value, but also the products innovation and environmental protection. Only if the enterprises enhance these indexes, can they meet the market demand. Reporters also found that in the industry exhibition, new products, high-end products, environmental products, specializd products are placed in a prominent position of booth by many enterprises.

2.Service enhances the added value, technology application is critical. 

Due to weak foreign demand, many enterprises turn the market focus to the domestic market. How to expand and occupy the domestic market, except product performance and quality, to use good services to enhance the value-added products is one of the ways.   

Superior quality service derive from the application of powerful technical strength, along with people’s increasing personalized, characteristics demand to the textile fabric and clothing, the textile market’s ceaseless emerge of new textile fibers and fabric dye all put forward higher requirements to dye’s application technology.     

Tang Xiaofei introduced , the ANoKY products were in the stage of research and development, technical application staff and R & D person would anticipate in product development. First of all, understood products’ advantages and weaknesses from product structure. Secondly, technical application staff would do various kinds of application tests on the products to know its detail conditions in different application situations. A new product’s appear need dozens of application test to go through.

3.Only if cut cleaner production cost, can energy saving and environmental protection win.

           In the new round of the industry reshuffle, energy saving and environmental protection has become threshold which the dyes enterprises have to cross. About how to cross the threshold energy saving first, many companies mentioned about the cleaner production. Cleaner production means to adopt environmentally friendly production techique in the dye production process , not only it can reduce energy consumption in the production process , but also decrease the "three wastes" emissions.

By Xu Xiyi

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