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Home fumishing textile fabrics discoloration and fading distinction

2012.06.05   08:48

Through buying home textiles,especially the cotton products, the most worrying problem is of course the fade problem.if bright beautiful bed goods faded,it is in vain.This is also the reason why lots of people choose to purchase home brand products.Because many people can not distinguish these two objects.

Bed goods which made of good textile fabrics might have a slight colour fading when the first washing,but it will not affect its smoothness and brightness.If after repeated washing,the color still be bright as ever,that is the real good bed goods.Some brands of bed goods,even if do not lose colour,it will be matted after using several times.That is the result of the using of bad staining agent.Exposed in the air for a long time,the color is oxidized which result in the loss of the original luster directly.What you ask is not really what you are concerned about. So only after actually use it, you can compare the difference.

 Discoloration is the result of failing to wipe out the die though the dyeing process,which lead to form the floating.Strictly speaking,if the cotton products do not have the unfading one. the answer "not discoloration",probably is the chemical fiber product. So,how to distinguish good or bad between both fading products?

Discoloration which means water contain a portion of the cloth’s color after washing. So, please notice at this time, discoloration and fading is strictly separated. An important indicator to distinguish the fading’s severity is the color fastness. Once there was a buyer soak the quilt cover,bed sheets into the washing machine for a week,and she found that they did not fade. Since her quilt and bed sheets’ color is lighted,the effect is obvious. there will be a slight discoloration in the dark,or all black style. Don't put the white fabric together soaking for a long time, generally not more than 30 minutes.Then,what’s the matter of fading?Observe some poor textile brands,you’ll find that after discoloration the original dazzlingly beautiful patterns become dark without light,even without color.This is the fading problem which consumers really care about.

Home textiles brand’s dark flower type of active printing series may have a slight fade phenomenon,but after repeated washing,color is still bright as ever,never fade.

By Wang Jianjun

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