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Hydrogenated petroleum resin production technology is welcomed by the market

2012.06.06   14:25

At present, the modified hydrogenated petroleum resin received more and more welcome from the market. Compared with the low side domestic resin can only be sold for seven or eight thousand yuan/ ton, hydrogenated petroleum resin and other high - quality products have been sold for 18,000 yuan/ ton. Among the 60 petroleum resin enterprises in our country, the ones who can produce the hydrogenated resin can be counted on fingers.

Experts said that the traditional resin limited its application to a large extent due to the yellowish or brown appearance.The degree of unsaturation reduced after the hydrogenation modifing,the resin became colorless,no special smell,furthermore the adhesion,stability and other properties were all improved,which broaden its applications.

It is understood that nearly 15%~20% of resin was be sold after hydrogenation at abroad, but were only Yangzi Eastman and Lanzhou Petrochemical Company can produce C5 hydrogenated petroleum resin inland.

The expert believes, colorless hydrogenation petroleum resin, petroleum resin or high quality, high value-added products will be the future trend of the development of petroleum resin, and they suggested that the domestic petroleum resin production enterprises must speed up to develop petroleum resin hydrogenation technology.

Through the experimental research and industrial application, our country’s hydrogenation petroleum resin production technology has made a big penetration. Fixed bed hydrogenated process which adjust large-scale production and simplized operation has be adopted in the domestic enterprises. Moreover the catalyst which used in the domestic self-developed patented technology ameliorate the chroma of hydrogenation petroleum resin, and improve the thermal stability. Domestic enterprises should actively take advantage of these new technologies to improve product performance, speed up the production and promotion of the hydrogenation petroleum resin.

By Andy

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