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2012 Iron oxide Annual Meeting recently held successfully in Kunming

2012.06.07   09:41

May 26, 2012, “2012 Annual Meeting of the Iron Oxide Industry Branch of China Coating Industry Association” sponsored by the Iron Oxide Industry Branch of the China Coating Industry Association  was held in Kunming Jinjiang Hotel. There were 53 specialists from the 36 enterprises of iron oxide industry attended the meeting. Mr. Lin Zhihua who is the office director of the Association made a deep discussion on the operation and development of the iron oxide industry of 2011 during the meeting, and pointed out some suggestions of the 2012 work.. Tricyclic, Yu-Xing, Huayuan and many other governing units shared the experience of 2011 during the meeting.

Rockwood, LANXESS, the international large-scale iron oxide manufacturers have also sent representatives to participate in the meeting, and they put forward their views and suggestions on the Chinese iron oxide market. The head of the Association and the general manager of Yipincolor, Mr. Fu Jun welcomed them, he said that the Chinese iron oxide enterprises should learn advanced production technology from the international enterprises, to improve the production environment, and strived to achieve the energy conservation standards which proposed by the Association. At the same time he also welcomed Rockwood and LANXESS to establish new factory in China.

This meeting had some in-depth discussion through the topics of expert lectures, questioning dialogue, exchange in the form of Sharon around the topics of “scrap leather, labor costs, energy, and fluctuations in market prices, market supply and demand, energy conservation, pro-environment”.     

The delegates felt that the contents of the annual meeting was very useful, it thinking what the enterprises thinking, worried about what the enterprises worring, it was a high-quality industry conference which has the practical help.

By Betty

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