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Takie the First Step of the Long March for Breaking Hospitals Depending on Selling Medicine, Reforming Need Matching Support

2012.05.30   13:35

On May 18th,Bejing City announced formally to launch a new round of public hospital reform pilot, exploring "two separating, three mechanisms", which namely seperated management from carrying outseparated medicine from pharmacy; finanical price compensation and control mechanismmedical insurance regulation mechanism and hospital corporate management mechanism. Beijng’s pilot accorded with the international medical system reformation’s direction and the regulation of medical and health services development, it can be regarded as the first step of a long march for breaking hospitals depending on selling medicine.Trough the pilot to achieve medicine separated from pharmacy thoroughly brings five aspecst of benefits:

1, it clears boundaries between competitive business and public welfare business in the public hospitals

2, In a great extent, it inhibits the doctor using the irrational drugs, and ensuring patients’ safety about drug usage.

3,it reduces the drug spending proportion in total health expenditure

4,it promotes the development of circulation in drug industry, especially the retail pharmacy development

5,it guarantees the doctors can focus on curing patients, improves the medical effect

Compensation is the key, reform still need to form a complete set to follow up." The establishment and taking effect of the compensation mechanism are very important for deep reform of medical separated from pharmacy. Only when the hospital regard ‘reflecting medical personnel services value ' as the principle to ascend price, and ensure that the hospital services revenue don't fall, can guarantee the enthusiasm of the hospital services.

According to what the reporter knew, the Beijing pilot’s separating medicine from pharmacy, change the pharmaceutical sales fee, medical treatment charge and financial investment these three channels which a hospital rely on originally into the medical service cost and financial input two parts, it involves the financial investment increasing, the basic medical insurance level improving, setting up the medical service charge and carrying out the drug consumables unified purchase in total.

For the Beijing pilot exploring medicine separated from pharmacy, Chen Yude emphasized to reporters that, although the pilot may effectively solve the "DaChuFang" problem, it still need relevant reforms to follow up to play more visible effect. He tought, the implementation of the system must have the matching of the system mechanism, such as management system, the payment system, and so on.

By Alice

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