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Coating class: why the gloss of anti

2012.05.29   09:14

What caused the decrease of the gloss of anti-corrosive paint:

1. Concentration of pigment is oversize.

2. Pigment havn’t been fully dispersed , still exist the big granules and coalescence of pigments in the anticorrosive paint systems.

3.Because of unsuitablity rheology character of the anticorrosive paint systems, wet film can not flow smoothly after coating. (called Orange phenomenon)

4.Crystalline nature of the pigments also has influence on the glossiness. Protuberant edge of pigments impede sufficient flowability of films. If we use the appropriate methods to crush protuberant edge in vertical direction to recover the length back to normal, the revert granule will back to normal size, then the rigidity will be enhanced significantly.

By Nicole

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