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Health Foods Functions and evaluation method issued by SFDA

2012.05.22   09:49

According to the news from SFDA' website, recently SFDA revised and released the evaluation method of nine health food functions, such as antioxidant, alleviating visual fatigue etc.

To carry out the strict supervision requirements of the health food according to "Food Safety" and its implementing regulations, we must restrict the health food’s management access, improving the admittance threshold pratically. The NFDA revised and released the evaluation method of nine health food function, such as antioxidantalleviating visual fatiguereducing blood glucosereducing blood fatimproving iron-deficiency anemiapromoting lead removing, auxiliary protection to gastric mucosa danmagelosing weightcleaning throat.

As reported, the new issued function evaluation method mainly to improve the judgment standard, completing the animal test model, and detailed the requirements of human body who’ll go through test-meal test, optimizing the test method. As a result it further improves scientificalness and operability of method.

Since May 1st 2012, the registered inspection institutions of the health food should execute new revision of the function evaluation method when facing the application of registration of the health food.The NFDA will revise and release the evaluation method of other health food functions in succession.

By Alice

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