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Ningbo coating industry association held the re

2012.07.13   09:23

Ningbo coating industry association held “the re-election working conference and the Industry development forum” ceremoniously in the New Century Hotel on March 24th.This conference was chaired by the general manager of the Ningbo Henderson paint industry company Liu Yanjun. There were 230 industry representitves and honored guests attended.

Professor Liu Guojie who is the Senior coating expert and receiving the tate council allowance would give a lecture of the forum training.. The title is . The content including the tend of inland coating industry developmet, the analysis of the tend of coating market ‘s development(architectural coating, wood coating, automobile coating, marine paint, anticorrosive paint and powder paint), summary and outlook. Because of its abundant content, full and accurate information, insider liked it a lot..

Exchange work was proceeding by the procedure and constitution: the conference followed each work report by the third association ‘s leaders, elected the member of the forth association and the council, the general manager of the Fei Lun Paint was elected as the forth association president again, and the Fei Lun Paint as the chairman’s unit. Next, four years once ‘s Council Meeting was convened, they followed the work suggestions of President Yuan Liquan,discussed and decided the treatment standard of the association’s workers, received some advices obout important working arrangement from Advicer Cao Cuning. The Secretary Yang Wei talked abou the working plan in the meeting. The directors proposed many beneficial suggestions to the new association work.

The conference also organized communication and project docking between ten enterprises , universities and research units, enterprises and marketing units , warehouse units.This arrangement of the annual meeting(BBS and exchange), not only has the abundant  content, many staff, lots of projects, but also has the high specification. Developing linkage in the design of multi-media received good results and gained positive reply.

By Andy

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